Flange Guards – A Shield To Create A Risk-Free Environment

A Flange Guard is a device, which is specially designed to protect the manpower and material from uncontrolled spray outs from a failing valve or pipe joint. These can be used Stainless steel flange guards in any piping system for controlling the leak and protecting the manpower and machinery from coming into chemical contact, which in result saves you from a huge loss of life, time and money as well. These safety shields are available in eight different styles and in six different materials so, one can buy as per the need of their application. It helps to eliminate the problem at the source and reduce the chances of any big loss, which in result reduce your maintenance cost.

No doubt, spray out can occur in any connection and therefore, these flange guards available in diverse sizes, diameters, and material to match different industry requirement. These are UV, Water, and Air and Temperature resistance and have the capability to withstand even with critical condition. Therefore, you can install it in the indoor as well as outdoor settings. These are installed around piping where most of these hazardous chemicals are present. These may generally prevent spray outs by interposing a barrier between the chemical flowing and external environment.

These may generally get manufactured with a special kind of material, which can easily tolerate exposure to temperature and pressures up to -70°F to +500°F. It is a one-piece design that comes with translucent material, which allows leak detection. This material allowed visual inspection of a flange, which helps to take necessary action for its avoidance timely. It mainly protects the bolts inside the flange and can be used over and over again even after dismantling. Therefore, it has a long working life, which helps it to perform its function wisely.

Along with this, it also stops the rust from developing on the joints, which makes it corrosion free. It has a PH indication patch which helps to identify leak to reduce its effects immediately. It gives you enough time to make proper repairs. In a nutshell, Flange Guards work as a safety shield for your workplace. It helps to maintain a risk-free production process by preventing from the sudden spray outs in the flange joints. Every chemical, petrochemical, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry, where more than 100 hundred of chemicals used on different applications must install this product to maintain a risk-free environment. So, what are you waiting for? Install it now before it’s too late.

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